Based in Los Angeles, we got what it takes to take care of your boat. We are fully equipped in expert personnel and best supplies to meet all your yacht repair and maintenance needs. We are experienced in services e.g. boat refurbishing, upgrading, engine replacement, electronics installation, re-painting etc. Whatever issue you want addressed, we are ready to take it up. Bespoke services are also available to ensure that our clients are served to optimal satisfaction.

Our boat care services

We deal with the ordinary and the advanced yachting services. These include;

  • Upholstery – comfortable and nice looking sofa like yacht seats; what an experience. We can help repair or replace your upholstery to give your yacht a fresh look.
  • Boat covers, Biminis and boat canvas – do you need protection of your yacht? We got you covered. Our top quality covers are readily available and at your disposal. Whether you want just the cabin or the entire boat covered, we got it. Covers are available for all yacht models.
  • Luster rejuvenation – a shiny mega yacht has the much needed appeal especially during the summer. We remove the oxidized layer covering the beauty of your boat exposing the real deal.
  • Flooring options – we fix your floor or upgrade it with a high grade flooring option of your choice.

We offer so much more at the yacht department. For any other specialty service, feel free to give us a call and consider your problem gone. So, you have all the reasons to come to us for yachting services.

We ensure peace of mind for clients

You don’t have to worry that your yacht is wearing away or getting risky with time. We guarantee top quality services where we handle all yacht needs simple and complex. We simply make every yacht ride enjoyable all year round.

Where technicians are certified

Without a resourceful crew, you can’t expect satisfactory services. It’s the starting point where the yacht department has done excellently. All our personnel are experienced, well trained and active.

Convenient services

We know that a yacht is not a car. If you wish to come to our premises, then you are free to do so. Otherwise, we operate on the basis of reaching out to the clients. We come where you need us to be.

We deliver working solutions

It’s all about the most appropriate solution for your yacht. Take me right, not the super expensive one.

We communicate

We don’t do things in the dark. Instead, we consider explaining briefly on what is wrong and what needs some work to ensure that you get your value of money. Not only are we transparent, but also give updates on progress made.

Clients want to hear of the most convenient, top quality and cheap yachting service. That is found at nowhere else but the yacht department. All are welcome for a share of our exceptional services.

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