About Us

Being a luxury activity, yachting deserves top attention to detail. At the yacht department, we are driven by passion. We leave nothing untouched out there as we know our clients look forward to lovely memory creation out there. Of course it’s a rare experience for most people. It’s supposed to be unforgettable. And that’s where we come in. we are a top rated yachting service operating within Los Angeles. Our performance has been felt in the industry. That’s because we guarantee nothing but the best.

First choice

It takes a lot of effort to win the crown in a sector. We are proud to say that we have done a lot to get to where we are. It has not been an easy job. But we stuck to our secret ingredient and learnt form made mistakes. Passion is our ingredient that we believe is all we need to keep delivering top quality services. It is because of this value that we have become the number one option for most stakeholders in the marine yachting industry. Captains, engineers, charter management firms, crew, chefs, clients and other parties consider us as a top performing company. They want to be engaged in our services. We work together with reputable personnel.

Full range service

Our mission is to deliver the promise. Mega yachts have different departments on board. Each one of these need to be given ultimate attention to ensure that everything goes as expected. The yacht department will meet your demands while out there. We have a wide range of marine supplies as well as interior products. And not to forget of the delicious fresh foods by our recognized chefs. We have developed strong relationships with many national marine suppliers. We also have access to the distribution channels for marine parts. And we don’t just deliver the products, we have them fixed to your requirements.

Convenience is key

On top of being passionate in yachting, we also have convenience as the second principle of our operation. We know that clients want the supplies and other services delivered to them and not the other way round. You just tell us what products you need, where you need them and when. We won’t sleep until we get those demands met as requested.

We are flexible

That which is adjustable is always recommended over the rigid option. Well, we are the flexible option. We know that we deal with all types of clients. All of them want differing yacht care and management services. The good news is that we are able to meet all the needs of the spectrum. We leave no client unattended. Instead, we accommodate all your needs as they may be.

We are experienced in yacht deliveries around Los Angeles. We have established higher standard that nobody else can deliver in the industry. If you are planning for a holiday away from the ground, give us a call and we promise to make it one of a lifetime.